Monday, January 31, 2005

Two Book Recommendations

Reshevsky's Best Games of Chess - 110 of Reshevsky's best games, chronologically arranged and carefully annotated.

The Art of Positional Play - 61 deeply annotated games, each one illustrating a different positional theme.

In my humble opinion, Reshevsky had the same intuitive mastery of the board as Capablanca, but unlike Capa he was a masterful annotator. Capablanca's notes were always WAY too sparse for the amateur to learn much from reading over the games. Reshevsky on the other hand provides marvelously insightful, as well as entertaining, annotations to his games.

Best Games of Chess


UnknownVariable said...

"Reshevsky on the other hand" ...

ALD said...

Well, you know us actuaries, never willing to commit to a definitive answer.

Seriously, good catch. I don't recall exactly where I was headed with that thought, but at least it's a complete sentence now.