Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Georgian Peach Open sucked

I guess it's not a bad thing I didn't play in the Georgian Peach Open. According to one player who participated, the event sucked. Whose bright idea was it to hold a chess tournament on Super Bowl Sunday and on a day when a well-established monthly tournament series (Atlanta Chess Center G/45 tournaments) was taking place? Duh!


The Christopher said...

Georgian Peach Open was put on by Cajun Chess. Cajun Chess also put on a tournament here in Houston... over THANKSGIVING day weekend. Another poor decision. If it was a weekend before or after, I would have been able to attend.

It also annoys me a bit because tournaments only come around every 6 months or so, even in a big city like Houston.

So who is deciding the dates for these things?

ALD said...

Wow! Thanksgiving weekend. That's even dumber than Super Bowl weekend.