Saturday, January 07, 2006

FIDE Candidate Match Pairings

As expected, Kasparov and Kramnik will not be participating in the FIDE candidate matches. They have been replaced by Shirov and Malakhov. Per the regulations, the pairings for round 1 are as follows:

Aronian - Carlsen
Leko - Gurevich
Ponomariov - Rublevsky
Gelfand - Kasimjanov
Bacrot - Kamsky
Grischuk - Malakhov
Polgar - Bareev
Shirov - Adams

Each match will consist of 6 games. There will be two rounds of matches, reducing these 16 players down to 4. The four finalists will join Topalov, Svidler, Anand and Morozevich in a FIDE world championship tournament next year.

Round 1 of the candidate matches is scheduled for October 2006 (assuming of course they can find sponsorship).

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