Monday, June 05, 2006

Olympiad Final Round


Results this round:
  • Armenia (which went into this round 2.5 points ahead), made four quick draws against Hungary, securing Gold less than an hour after the start of round.
  • China beat the Netherlands 2.5:1.5 to take Silver
  • Russia lost to Israel 1:3 causing them to drop out of the top three slots
  • The USA beat Norway 3.5:0.5, to draw even with Israel
Armenia - Gold
China - Silver
USA - Bronze (on tiebreak over Israel)

Interesting facts:
  • Armenia was the only undefeated team +10 =3
  • #1 seed Russia ended up in 6th place, losing four matches (to France, the USA, Israel and the Netherlands)
  • #2 seed India ended up in 30th place with a record of +6 -4 =3
  • Sierra Leone and Somalia ended up not fielding teams
  • Israel was fourth (losing on tiebreak to the USA), and Hungary was fifth


Results this round:
The results in this round did not change any of the standings.

  • Ukraine (which went into this round 2 points ahead), made three quick draws against Armenia
  • Russia beat India 2:1
  • China beat Belarus 2.5:0.5
Ukraine - Gold
Russia - Silver
China - Bronze

Interesting facts:
  • Ukraine was the only undefeated team +12 =1
  • #1 seed Russia ended up in second place due to their loss to Ukraine. Had they won that match, they would have taken the gold by a half point
  • The USA, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Georgia tied for fourth place, but they were 3 points behind China
  • Afghanistan, Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan ended up not playing

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