Sunday, March 04, 2007

Comment on MGP2

In My Great Predecessors 2, Kasparov rants about the unfairness of the rule limiting world championship candidates from a single country. In particular, he claims that this rule operated against Bronstein (and Averbakh) in the Portoroz 1958 Interzonal and dedicates two pages (pp186-187) to these comments. However, I don't understand what he's talking about.

The six players who moved on from Portoroz to the 1959 Candidates Tournament were Tal (13.5), Gligoric (13), Petrosian and Benko (12.5), and Olafsson and Fischer (12) - and these are precisely the six highest scorers. Bronstein and Averbakh were a half-point behind at 11.5, together with Mantovic, Szabo and Pachman. Yes, IF Bronstein and Averbakh had scored 12, THEN the rule would have operated against them (because Tal and Petrosian were ahead of them and there was only one slot left). But they didn't, so I don't get what Kasparov's beef is.

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