Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Update on World Championship


Defending Champion Anand faces off Vladimir Kramnik in a 12 game match (remember when world championship matches went 24 games?) October 11-30 in Bonn. The prize fund, which will be split equally between the players, is 1.5 million euros before taxes and FIDE licensee fees.

Topalov and Kamsky face off in a match (terms undetermined as of yet) in late 2008 (December is tentatively scheduled) in Lvov. The prize fund is allegedly $750,000. I'll reserve judgment until more details are forthcoming.


The winner of the Topalov-Kamsky will face the 2008 world champion. This will essentially be the last step of the reunification process, as the next challenger will be determined through the regular FIDE process (for as long as it survives).

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