Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grand Prix Dead?

First Carlsen dropped out. Now Adams dropped out. Presumably AlModiakhi (who was Qatar's nominee) and Pelletier (who was Montreux's nominee) have been kicked out, since he was Qatar's nominee and Qatar is no longer a sponsor. Akopian is in, but that still leaves the circuit three players (each of whom had already participated in one event) down.

Edited 12/14 to add: Eljanov, Alekseev and Kasimdzhanov have been added on the basis of their ratings. That's actually a good thing as far as the chess is concerned, since Pelletier and AlModiakhi were very weak compared to the rest of the field, rated 100 and 200 points below average respectively. However, this still leaves unresolved the problem that three of the new players (Akopian is the exception since Pelletier had not yet participated) are down one tournament. I assume they are going to get around this by dropping each participant's lowest score in determining the overall winner? Whatever.

Furthermore, Kiev's participation as a replacement venue for Montreux is still unverified. FIDE as usual has f'ed this up royally. I predict (big stretch here) that the GP series will NOT be completed.

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