Thursday, November 03, 2005

More on Unification

Topalov should stop being a pussy and just play him already. If he is as superior as he thinks, he should have no problem beating Kramnik. Kramnik should say "whatsa matta? Afriad of losing to someone who has 60 less points than you? Bok bok bok chicken, bok bok!!!"

I agree completely. The SOA (or CAS) are often asked if completing certain coursework exempts you from taking certain exams. The Society's response: "Individuals who claim competence in the areas covered by the examinations should not have difficulty demonstrating their competence by participating in the examination process."

A few things worth noting:
1. When Kramnik played Kasparov in 2000, Kasparov's rating was 79 points higher than Kramnik's. That didn't stop Kramnik from spanking Kasparov 2-0.
2. Kramnik’s record against Topalov is +19 -9 =34. Even this year (Topalov’s best and Kramnik’s worst), they have two wins apiece and two draws.
3. NOW Kramnik is rated 60 points lower. But in 2002 Topalov tried to qualify at Dortmund to play Kramnik for the title, when Topalov was rated (you guessed it) 60 points lower.

I am of the opinion that the WC should be won in a match. However, even if the title in the future were to be won in a tournament in the future, today Topalov still needs to play Kramnik to take his title from him. The problem is that Topalov knows he doesn't have the match experience necessary to beat Kramnik.

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ALD said...

Kudos to Topalov. He truly deserves to be called a champion for agreeing to take on Kramnik's challenge.

I like his play better than Kramnik's, so best wishes for the match.