Friday, November 04, 2005

One final thought on Kramnik-Topalov

Kasparov thinks Topalov who won the FIDE championship ahead of the strongest active players in the world does not need to play Kramnik: "The schism in the chess world is over. It was brought about by the world champion not being the best player in the world. Now that he is, the matter can be closed."

I'm not clear on how Kasparov meshes this thought with page 9 of his own book My Great Predecessors I where he says that Kramnik is world champion 2000-? based on winning a match against him in London in 2000. Immediately following that match Kasparov declared that Kramnik was the real world champion and the FIDE rankings could be sent to the trash. So ... how exactly did the crown pass from Kramnik to Topalov?

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