Monday, April 27, 2009

Message from Jennifer Shahade

I'm excited about this year's fantasy chess competition where YOU decide who will get more points in match-ups such as Shulman-Onischuk and Krush-Zatonskih. (You are predicting whether Zatonskih or Krush will get more points in the entire event, not what will happen if they are paired together.)

Here is a link to play:
Here are the rules and prizes:

This event will be hosted on, so to play, you need to register on the site or login (to register as a member, you need your pin number,which you can find on the back of any personal Chess Life label). You must be an active USCF member to win the prizes which include a Monroi Personal Chess Manager, a signed chess board by all the participants and a copy of Kasparov vs Karpov signed by Kasparov to a "Good Guesser."

I'll be commenting live on the Championship daily along with GM Emil Sutovsky. If you're not in Saint Louis, follow the twitter feed and live streaming on the Internet Chess Club and On, read about club founder Rex Sinquefield and during the event, watch CLO for video wrap-ups, blogs and of course, fantasy updates by Arun Sharma.

Good luck in fantasy chess and no matter how your team does, be sure to get the most out of what should be two very exciting weeks for chess fans.

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