Sunday, April 26, 2009

US Championship Coming Up

I will be following this year's tournament more closely than I have past tournaments. It will take place in St Louis May 8-17. The 24 contenders will compete for a $135,400 guaranteed prize pool.

The players and the reason for their inclusion are listed below:
Varuzhan Akobiana, Rating
Julio Becerra, Rating
Joel Benjamin, Rating
Michael Brooks, Wildcard
Larry Christiansen, Rating
Jaan Ehlvest, Rating
Josh Friedel, Wildcard
Boris Gulko, Rating
Robert Hess, Wildcard
Tyler Hughes, Qualified - 2008 U.S. Junior Closed Champion
Ildar Ibragimov, Rating
Gregory Kaidanov, Rating
Gata Kamsky, Rating
Melik Khachiyan, Rating
Irina Krush, Female Rating
Charles Lawton, Wildcard
Hikaru Nakamura, Rating
Alexander Onischuk, Rating
Ray Robson, Wildcard
Enrico Sevillano, Qualified - 2008 U.S. Open Champion
Alexander Shabalov, Wildcard
Sam Shankland, State Champion of Champions
Yury Shulman, Qualified - defending U.S. Champion
Anna Zatonskih, Female rating

This year's organizers are doing a great job press-wise. There's a very carefully crafted media kit available on their website.

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